Sunday, August 12, 2012

It is now the summer of 2012 -  and what a summer it has been! 

The first of May found us traveling our well used route to Garden Grove CA.  Parked the trailer in our favorite driveway, and prepared to depart for the east coast and the graduation of Lindsey Ruth Price from the Dickensen School of Law in Carlisle PA.

The family gathered at Dulles Airport : Mike and Chelsie flew from Sacramento, Kelli, Dave, Evan, Colin, Mike and I from Long Beach.  Lindsey was there with Little Red ( her little Honda), so good to see her, and she even brought delicious whoopie pies for all of us.  It was pouring rain, just like the last time Kelli and I landed at Dulles - rental van was loaded and off we all went to Gettysburg and dinner in a great old Inn.  I had crab cakes - delicious, Mike and I enjoyed desert while the rest left for a Ghost Tour.  Our motel for the night was at the site of General R.E. Lee's headquarters.  The tour was a success, even had a woman with a ghost detector which indicated the presence of  something, they returned with fun stories.  It was such fun to all be together again.

Our first day was spectacular with our own Expert Guide, Mark is the college law librarian and knows all there is to know about the Battle of Gettysburg.  He spent the entire day with us teaching about the battles and the Generals and the men that lived and died during that epic event.  To end our tour we visited the cemetery, where Lindsey read the beautiful address given by President Lincoln, a solemn and perfect way to bring our tour to a close.  None of us will ever forget this day.  We could not believe our good luck - Lindsey had won the tour at an auction!  Mark became a good friend and we headed for Carlisle filled with information, understanding, admiration and Tasty Cakes, thanks to Mark.

The graduation and all the festivities surrounding it was fun and beautiful.  We are so proud of Lindsey and all she has accomplished.  Not only is she brilliant, she is a first class athlete and has the medals to prove it.

It was very sad to leave, but we had to press forward to the next big event - the marriage of Colin and Laurise in Salt Lake on June 3.  We all drove to Utah, Mike and I in charge of a huge tub of beautiful flowers for the wedding dinner at the Lion House.  With air conditioning and hauling them into hotel rooms for the night the flowers arrived in great shape. The Sealing was beautiful, and the joy of having so many of the family together in the temple was a great blessing, a memory I will always cherish.

The rest of June was busy with preparations for the stake trek, and the CA wedding reception, with a funeral, 2 High School graduation parties, taking Evan to Provo to begin his college education, work on the house and yard  - everything was perfect.  Kelli is a marvel.  I added to the fun by getting shingles - what a revolting development and I had even gotten the shingles shot!

We loaded the truck, trailer, and Colin and Laurise's car and headed for Moses Lake the first of July as Thomas was giving his Farewell talk on the 8th.  Becky had a big party for him afterward.  Thomas had prepared for a mission in Salt Lake City South, Spanish speaking only to receive a new mission call to Fort Lauderdale Florida, Spanish speaking.  Entirely different clothing needs.  He was very happy with both calls so that was good.  The Salt Lake Mission had been divided in half, hense the new call.  On July 14 David, Becky, Thomas and Megan headed for Salt Lake and the Mr. Mac store to exchange cold weather clothing for hot weather clothing.  A nice visit with Ellie, then Becky's family, a lunch with cousin Evan and Thomas was dropped off at the MTC on the 18th.  Our third grandson to serve.

Colin and Laurise have been staying with us so that he can work at an auto restoration shop in Moses Lake.  The first of September we will help move them into their apartment in Rexburg, ID where they attend BYU.  We are looking forward to a nice visit with Ellie while there.

Lindsey has taken the Bar Exam and is awaiting the results at her new home in Philadelphia PA.

Mike has fully recovered from his back surgery and is his busy self again.

It has been a whirlwind, but wonderful.  Life is Good.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been so involved in checking family face book entries each day, plus Lindsey's blog and Colin's blog - that I forgot Lindsey had made this for me - This week I learned to text and will be getting a new phone Monday with the key board and all - all these new technical things - so much to learn, so much to do, so much time spent on them - Good Grief.

Thomas and Megan have been with us since last Friday, we've had a happy time. Thomas starts school Monday at Big Bend Community College, when he graduates from High School he will have an AA and be a Jr. in college, hopefully this program will work well for him. Meantime he has been going to early morning seminary, returning home till lunch and then going to the school to eat with his friends - he will be glad when his school begins. Megan has been enjoying 7th grade and especially being on the volley ball team. So far this week she has completed 5 hats made on a loom, which she will give to the humanitarian program. We're enjoying reading one of our friend Dean Hughes' books before bed. Megan is delightful.

Ellie is in Spokane, she will be attending a beauty school there, meantime she is getting the apartment she and Tyler will live in organized - it's very small so organization is critical. David and Becky have been enjoying 10 days of scuba in Honduras.

Mike is going to therapy and doing his exercises at home trying to get his shoulder and arm working - it's been very painful and taking longer than he had hoped. He and Thomas are out in the shop beginning a wood working project.

My brother David and his wife spent a couple of days with us this week, they brought their new dogs along and the dogs did a wonderful job of entertaining us - 2 very cute poodles. David and I had lots of fun remembering, and we whooped it up over a neat DVD of Seattle boat racing - predicted log racing, Samamish Slough racing, and Gold Cup races, all of which we were very involved in - delightful memories.

I've had wonderful phone visits this week with Kelli, Evan, Lindsey, Michael, and a farewell call from Colin. What a blessing they are in my life, they're all so far away, but the phone and the computer keep us in touch, so it's bearable. I love them all so much.

Our next big event will be the wedding of Ellie and Tyler on Oct 9. Kelli, Dave, and Evan will be here so it will be a very happy time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Blog!

This is Lindsey, Collene's favorite granddaughter, and I am currently helping her set up her blogger account :) Love you Grandma!